3 easy steps to start using Talkbase

Here are three easy steps to get your new Talkbase workspace up and running.

1. Install an integration with your community platform 

Sync your community members and activities by installing the Talkbase integration with your community platform. Currently, we support Circle.so, Slack, Discord, and GitHub. 

For a list of the Talkbase integrations, click here. 

πŸ€” Don't use one of these platforms? If you use a different community platform, please add your platform to our Integration Requests. We review these requests weekly to help build out our product roadmap! In the meantime, you can easily import your community members to use the Community Relationship Management (CRM) feature, where you can keep member information, create custom tags, and segment with dynamic and static lists

2. Set up your community page

You can consider your community page as the central hub for members and prospective members to get access and info to your community. On your community page you can show things like: 

  • Information about your community
  • Resources like policies & guidelines, community values, user guides
  • Upcoming and past events 
  • Highlighted community members or your team members 
  • An application form for people to apply to join your community

3. Invite a team member to your workspace

Talkbase is meant to be a collaborative tool for your team to better work together and have visibility and transparency into ongoing community initiatives and members. Invite your team members to join Talkbase to explore the free trial with you.

After your free trial period ends, you'll still be able to use the free Hobby Plan, which includes one seat. By upgrading to the Growth Plan, you'll have unlimited seats for you, your team, and even cross-functional stakeholders who could benefit from having visibility into community data. 



πŸ‘‹ If you need additional support, be sure to check out the Talkbase Friends Community where you can connect with fellow peers for help. Or, reach out to us at support@talkbase.io.

πŸ“For future features and releases, keep an eye out on our Roadmap.