Add or import contacts

Our recommended first step when setting up your Talkbase workspace, add contacts to your Community CRM by setting up an integration, importing new contacts, or manually adding them.

Regardless of whether you are just starting your community and have few people to add, or your community is thriving with thousands of members, it's important to have a CRM as a virtual rolodex.

Importing multiple contacts

If you are just getting started with Talkbase, please note that we would be happy to help you with importing your existing contacts. Just reach out to us at and we would love to assist you.

If you prefer a more self-service approach, you can upload a .csv file to import your contacts. If you have no existing contacts, click on the "Import CSV button" in the middle of the page. Alternatively, or if you already have existing contacts loaded in Talkbase, you can click on the upload icon by the "Add contact" button in the upper right corner.

To ensure data consistency during the import process, there is a template .csv file provided that you can use to enter your data. Once you've created your file, click on the "Start with uploading" button and upload your file. Here is a video to outline the process.

To add individual contacts:

  • Click on the "Add new contact" button if you have no existing contacts or the "Add contact" button in the upper right corner if you do already have existing contacts.
  • Enter the contact's first name, last name, and email address.
  • Click "Create contact".
  • You will then be directed to their contact page, which provides all of the default attributes and any custom attributes you've created for the workspace.

For more information on the contact's page and details, please visit this help article.

Adding contacts using the Talkbase Google Chrome Extension

The Talkbase Google Chrome Extension allows you to automatically add a contact into Talkbase from the person's LinkedIn profile. For more information on the Google Chrome Extension, please visit this help article.


๐Ÿ‘‹ If you need additional support, be sure to check out the Talkbase Friends Community where you can connect with fellow peers for help. Or, reach out to us at

๐Ÿ“For future features and releases, keep an eye out on our Roadmap.