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Community invitations

Send your contacts invitations to join your community through Talkbase.

If you have contacts in your Community CRM that are not in your community, you can easily send invitations with Talkbase, sharing the join URL so they can register directly to your community platform like Slack, Discord, Circle, or GitHub. Contacts who are already part of your community will not receive the invitation email.

Note: This feature only works if you have an integration set up with Talkbase and your community platform. For more information on integrations, view the Integrations articles: 

To send community invitations:

  • Under the "Community" section of the navigation panel, click on "Community CRM" and scroll down to the "Actions" section.
  • You'll see the component to "Invite members to your community" and click "Invite members".

  • From there, select which platform or community you'd like to invite the contacts to and include the invitation link. For example, if you are inviting contacts to your Slack community, the invitation link will start with "https://join.slack.com".
  • To avoid spamming your members, Talkbase will only send invitations to contacts who are not yet a part of your community. Additionally, you can designate the number of days when the last set of invitations went out.
  • Then, add a custom message to add to the invitation, using "#" to insert dynamic properties.
  • You can preview the email by clicking on the "Send preview" button, and when you're ready to send the invitations, click "Send invitation".


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