Use Emails to send out newsletters or event emails to members of your community.

You can use Emails to reach out to members of your community or event attendees directly from Talkbase. Choose Newsletter as the Email Type and filter the audience from your contacts in the Community CRM, or choose Event Email to email the audience of a specific event in Talkbase.

Email Type & Audience

The Email Audience depends on the Email Type you choose: Newsletter or Event Email. 

If you choose Newsletter, you can select an email audience from static and dynamic contact lists or apply filters to filter your CRM contacts based on specific field properties.

For Event Emails, you can select the Audience by selecting an event and its attendees and optionally filter Confirmation Status or Check-in.

Using the Emails

  • Go to Add-ons, select Emails, and click on Create Email.
  • Add an Internal email name under which your email will be saved in Talkbase.
  • Choose an Email Type, and select your Audience by using the filters mentioned above.
  • Select from which address the email will be sent or click on Add email address to add a new email address to your Talkbase account.
  • Add the Email subject and Custom message as usual when sending an email, with the ability to use dynamic properties in the message.
  • Select Safe Draft or Send email.
  • It is not possible to change or update the email once it has been sent.

    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 16.56.49


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