Community insights

Have visibility to the health and activity of your community with Talkbase's Community Insights.

With the Community Insights feature in Talkbase, you'll always have access to the health and activity of your community. To access Community Insights, simply click on insights from the navigation panel.

Dashboard components overview

Here is a list of the various components on the Insights page and what they mean:

  • Active members: This number component displays the number of members who have done at least one post, reply, or reaction within the time period specified.
  • New members: This number component displays the number of newly joined members during the time period specified.
  • Engagement rate: This number component shows the percentage of active members in your community during the time period specified.

    The calculation is: (Total number of members ÷ Number of active members)

  • Activity: This number component shows the cumulative number of activities in the community during the specified time period, including posts, replies, and reactions.
  • Activity over time: This stacked bar chart shows the levels of activity over time for the given time period. It also shows the various types of activities, as shown in the image below. To the right of the bar chart, you can also view a table with the breakdown of activity type.

  • Member activity distribution: This pie chart shows the breakdown of how active and engaged your members are during the specified time period. It allows you to see the distribution of activities and how many of your members fall into each category.
  • Most active members*: This list shows the most active members by Activity Score. In the table you can also view the number of posts, replies, and reactions that lead to the individual activity scores.
  • Conversation starters*: This list shows the community members who initiate the most new posts that garner the most engagement from other members in the community. Also in the table you can see columns for Posts that member made, as well as Replies and Reactions made by others for those posts.
  • Most responsive*: This list shows the community members who are the most responsive to others' posts in the community. It's helpful to see who is the biggest community supporter or who helps to answer the most questions within the community. The column shows the Activity Score, as well as the community member's number of replies and reactions to posts.
  • Top channels*: This list shows the most active channels by Activity Score and also shows the number of various activities in each channel.
  • Most active new members*: This list shows the most active new members by the selected time period. You could use this to check new member onboarding engagement and activities. Sorted by highest Activity Score, it also shows the number of the members' various activities.

*For more information on what each column in these tables mean, please visit this help article.

Filtering the insights view

There are a few ways that you can customize and filter the insights view. These are located at the top of the page.

  • Community: You can select one of the communities (e.g. Slack workspace or Discord server). All filters are based on the specific community you have selected here.
  • List: You can filter by both Static and Dynamic Lists. If you choose a list to filter, it's a sub-filter from the selected community.
  • Time frame:
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 28 days
    • Last 90 days
    • This calendar year
    • Last calendar year
    • All time
    • Custom (simply click on the start and end date for the custom range)

The filters for the Community Insights are logical (AND) statements. By default, there is always a Community selected. By adding a list filter, it will result in people in the community AND people in the list. Adding in the time frame, it adds the additional (AND) statement.

This also means that any CRM Contacts who are not community members will be excluded from the Community Insights, as they won't have any activities to report on.


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