Task management

Create and manage tasks for your team across features in Talkbase, allowing you to make sure nothing falls through the crakcs.

Tasks are available throughout all Talkbase features - Events, Projects, Advocate Program.

  • In Projects & Tasks, select a project and you'll be able to create, edit, and archive tasks from there. For more information on boards and projects, you can refer to this help article.
  • In Events, select an event and click on the Tasks tab. You'll see a kanban board that you can use to help organize the action items for your event. For more information on events, visit this help article.

Create a task

There are two ways to create new tasks in a board:

  • Click on "Create Task" at the bottom of each column.
  • Hover over the column header and click on the plus symbol "+".

You'll then see a pop-up where you can:

  • Add a task title.
  • Add a description.
  • Designate the column (most likely status).
  • Assign it to a team member.
  • Set a due date.
  • Click Create.

Edit a task

To edit a task, simply click on the task. In this view, you will be able to edit all criteria associated with the task.

  • Task title
  • Description
  • Attachments
  • Status
  • Assigned to
  • Due date
  • Tags

You can also move a task from column to column by clicking and dragging it to a new column.

Archive a task

To archive a task:

  • Click on the task.
  • Click on the Archive button, which can be found at the bottom of the screen.
  • You can always view archived tasks and un-archive them by clicking on the "Archived tasks" view in the upper right column.

View your tasks

To have a single view of all of your tasks, across all projects, events, and advocate programs, click on "Assigned to you" under "Projects & tasks" in the navigation panel. You'll see all tasks assigned to you and what the task belongs to.


👋 If you need additional support, be sure to check out the Talkbase Friends Community where you can connect with fellow peers for help. Or, reach out to us at hi@talkbase.io.