Contact profile page

View, add, and edit contact details on the Contact Profile Page.

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Clicking on a specific Contact in the contact list will open their profile page.

On the right panel, you'll see basic contact information, such as their company, what community they are part of, contact information, and more.

Additionally, we have the following tabs so you can always understand your community members and be able to track the information that is important to you. 


The insights tab shows the community member's activities, includes a customizable over time graphical view, the number of posts, replies, and reactions. Additionally, it shows the member's event engagement - how many events they registered for, spoken at, or hosted. 

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The events tab provides additional insight into the event engagement of each community member. View details like the number of in-person and virtual registrations, the number of events they spoke at, and the number of events they've hosted. (You can set the speaker and hosts for the event in the event settings). 

Additionally, you can see the specific events that the community member registered for, hosted, or spoke at. 

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Track conversation notes, member escalations, memorable details, and more in the notes section. 

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Add photos of the community member here. This way, if you ever need speaker photos, additional assets, etc., they are easy to obtain. These photos can also be added on the member's public profile. 

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Public profile 

By creating a public profile, a public URL is generated where the community member can share their bio, headshots, links to recent engagements, their area of expertise, and more. If you have the public profile enabled, you will be able to view the components of the public profile. 

For more information on the public profile, visit this help article.

More details 

In the "More details" tab, you'll be able to view all default and custom attributes for the community member. Scroll down to view the various sections, or use the navigation panel on the left to jump to a specific section. 

For more information on Attributes, visit this help article.


Request profile details

Having up to date data and information for your community members is important for ongoing community management - for example, it's always good to know what companies your community members work at and what their roles are! With this feature, you can request details from your members. To do this, click on "Edit Member" by the contact's profile photo, and select "Request profile details". 

For more information on requesting profile details, visit this help article.

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Additional Resources

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